Congratulations to Donna McKinlay-Jones who was awarded an honorary life membership award, acknowledging the huge contribution she has made to SCA over the years. The award was presented by Glenda Pearce at the recent PDS in Palmerston North. Glenda read out the citation, which was in the unique style of each letter of Donna’s name beginning a description of her talents.

Members present heard how Donna has been teaching for about 40 years and has been a member of SCA for more than 35 years, over which time she served on Council, and was President for two years. Donna is well-known for being very generous and sharing the materials she has created or spent hours researching. One of her biggest contributions to SCA is the production of the quarterly journal CUE. Donna and Owen have produced CUE for more than 15 years – that’s a lot of issues! It’s a resource that is highly valued by members. Donna is also an adjudicator and an examiner of renown. Alongside the long contribution to SCA Glenda told of how Donna was an “outstanding colleague, a talented teacher, a true professional and a valued friend.”

Caption: Glenda Pearce, Donna McKinlay-Jones (centre) and Caryl Boyle.
Photo credit: Owen Jones