We offer professional support to members and promote the benefits of voice training for presentation and performance nationwide.

SCA represents a diverse group of teachers, trainers and students working in many sectors including voice training for actors, broadcasting, clear speech, speaking for business, English as a second language, theatre, public and professional speaking, adjudication, examining, oral literacy and communication.

We acknowledge and promote the importance of voice skills in effective, confident presentation and performance. We promote the services and development of our members and offer a code of conduct that ensures highest professional standards are maintained for the benefit of the wider community - our clients.

SCA adjudicators are highly valued for their scope and knowledge of performance and presentation and are sort after by drama, speech and theatre festivals in schools and community groups. SCA offers accreditation to SCA Registered Teachers who undertake our adjudication training course.


The Association developed from a group of people interested in promoting the art of spoken poetry at a meeting in 1951 at Victoria College (now Victoria University). Present were teachers, students and poets including Louis Johnson and James K Baxter.

A school for teachers of speech, poetry speaking and drama was held Labour Weekend  in 1952. Here came the decision to form an Association of Teachers of Speech and Drama. Members of the first committee met over the next few months to write a constitution and prepare the rules as discussed by those attending the first meeting.

At the Labour Weekend School in 1953 the New Zealand Association of Teachers of Speech and Drama was incorporated and was known as ATSD. For thirty years it operated successfully as ATSD  before the name was changed in 1982 to Speech Communication Association (NZ) Incorporated, commonly referred to as SCA.

Annual conferences, numerous workshops and seminars on all aspects of speech communication, drama and theatre craft have been held over the years providing professional development and support to members. Our membership continues to offer the support of a national association network and professional support and opportunities for career development for professionals working in this varied and developing field.