Come and join us in Dunedin UNESCO City of Literature for the 2019 Speech Communication Association Professional Development Seminar: “Voices ‘n’ Verse”, Tuesday, 1st October, 8.30 a.m. - Thursday 3rd October, 3.00 p.m, Kingsgate Hotel. Sessions will focus on myriad aspects of poetry: firstly by taking time to listen to poetry performed live by nationally recognized poets including Cilla McQueen, (New Zealand Poet Laureate for 2009–2011), and Sue Wootton, (2008 Robert Burns fellow), to hear the words fill space and our minds and hearts, to register the poems in the immediate moment. With this experience as our catalyst we will go on to consider teaching poetry; adjudicating poetry; preparing our voice for speaking poetry, sharing our own poetry or poems we love – a veritable feast of poetry for us to enjoy.  Along with these sessions SCA President and 2018 Deirdre Snedden Scholar, Glenda Pearce, will be sharing her experience at the Globe Theatre, London – through a workshop provocatively titled “It’s not Verse it’s Dialogue.”

Our venue will be Kingsgate Hotel and they have been kind enough to set aside discounted accommodation for delegates at $145.00 p/n for standard rooms. To take advantage of the discount you need to book directly through the Hotel and quote the block name or number to get the special rate. The block number is 6993913 and the name is ‘NZ Speech Communication Assoc Conf – NZSCA’; you can use the number, the title, or both when you book.

At the beginning of June, registration and full programme information will be available on our Facebook page:

For any enquiries please email:
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We hope that you can join us!